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Things we feel children should value most in their lives

Determination and courage: Life is full of challenges. Helping children learn that not all problems will be solved quickly and easily is important. It will set them up to accomplish great things and keep dreaming and striving when others around them have already given up.

Hard work: Most people see hard work as just a means to an end. They work hard so they can earn a nice pay check and a nice living. But hard work should be a reward in itself because not all hard work of lasting value is compensated handsomely.

Confidence: People who learn to value themselves are more likely to have self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-worth. As a result, they are more likely to become adults who respect their values and stick to them… even when no one else is.

Quest for learning: Children need to value education. But more than that, they need to value the process of learning so that they can become lifelong learners well beyond their years in formal education. Teach them to love reading, exploring, curiosity and how to ask good questions.

Honesty: Children who learn the value and importance of honesty at a young age have a far greater opportunity to become honest adults. And honest adults who deal truthfully with others tend to feel better about themselves, enjoy their lives more, and sleep better at night.

Quietness: In a world full of noise, enjoying and valuing quietness is rare. But solitude and meditation provides us the opportunity to self-evaluate our life, our decisions, and our direction.

Love for family: In family, we look out for one another, care for one another, and cheer for one another. Home is a safe place – a stable environment that provides the foundation for our child to succeed in life. A child who is proud of his family can always come home… no matter where life has taken him. Love should not just be felt, it also needs to be expressed to be fully enjoyed and realized.

Friendship: Good friends can be tough to come by, yet they can make all the difference in the kind of life that we live. And seeing as how honest, dependable, and generous people attract honest, dependable, and generous friends, kids should learn to honour their friends at an early age and care for their friendships with the utmost respect.

Respect: Respect for all people irrespective of their race, gender, colour of their skin is utmost important. With accelerated globalization, this value will serve them well wherever they go.

Care for animals and environment: Recognizing the intrinsic value of animals helps children treat them with care and respect. And while this is an end in itself, treating animals with care and respect is an important step to treating other people with care and respect as well. Children who learn to appreciate the world around them learn to take care of the world around them. Just like we ask our kids to keep their rooms inside the house neat, clean, and orderly, we should also be teaching them to keep their world outside the same.

Appreciation of art: Art represents the ability to create, communicate, and compel – three important actions for the rest of life. The importance of art in a society, culture, or individual can never be overstated and should always be valued and appreciated.
Sense of justice: Life isn’t fair. It never will be – there are just too many variables. But when a wrong has been committed or a playing field can be levelled, we want our children to be active in helping to level it… not hoarding power over another just to stay on top.